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Lana Barker

" A Professional  makeup artist and hairstylist with Master’s degree  in Business Management and more  than 10 years of experience in  the beauty industry.

Lana  proves every day  that anyone  can  have a  big  family  and  successful career at the same  time.  She inspires  many daily.  She is not only  a  full-time working mom  of 5, but also  a  successful makeup artist and  hairstylist who was a  finalist in  5 categories jin the Makeup  Artist Guild Pacific Award  (MAGAP) in 2020 and finalist in High Fashion Editorial  Makeup Artist of the Year category in the Australian  Beauty Industry Award (ABIA)  in 2021.

She  was  also published in many magazines worldwide. Runs educational master classes  and  collaborates  with many brands around  the world.  

Moreover, due to the pandemic over the last two years, Lana enrolled herself into a Psychology Degree to expend her knowledge in understanding and supporting her clients. "

Te NYC Journal

Awards: Биография
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